Smart Security & Surveillance


Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems are not just a bunch of cameras recording all in multiple angles of a residence, Commercial property or an industry. Mars's smart security system integrates the surveillance system with burglar alert sensors, Alarm sounder, lights and email alert system to the owner as well as the police control room. The alert is not just a an alarm but also sends a photo from all the cameras installed and a 5 minute video clip along with the mail. Our system is also capable of switching on the lights of the home along with the alarm sounder to wade off any burglar.

Our smart security systems have an upper hand over other products with multiple alert option to the owner as well as the police control room. If someone is at your door step our system will trigger a video call to your phone where you can see who is at your door step and in fact you can talk to them even if you are outside your house.


Video door answering system

Watch and talk to the people at your doorstep either from inside or outside your house. This system, video calls you when it senses someone at your doorstep. You can talk to them from anywhere in the world through your smartphone

Vehicle Ingress/Egress record

This is one of the unique solutions provided by Mars for industrial and enclosed community loving sectors. This system detects all vehicle reaching the entrance and shoots a mail with a clear picture of the vehicle and it's registration number plate. Similar procedure works during the vehicle's exit.


Access control systems

Access control solutions for SMEs, Business organisations and Industries. Mars is committed to provide unique scalable solutions including integration of access control systems to the security system of the company.

​​​​Security solutions for Industries

Extensively scalable security solutions for Industries, Manufacturing sectors and warehouses




Smoke/Fire detector & Alarm

Our services include smoke and fire detection alarm which alerts the people inside the building during the initial stage of the fire to prevent any life loss. Alarm on smoke/Fire detection and automatic showering system too are offered by Mars.

About Us

  • Mars was started in the year 1999 by a group of IT professionals with Head Quarters in Bangalore. Mars has the necessary infrastructure and know-how to provide the best technical Solution, implementation and high level competence for post installation support.

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