Why Mars?


​​Why Mars?

All the Mars systems are tested and proven systems where we have gained the trust and appraisal from our esteemed customers for the efficient products delivered which satisfies the customer's needs.

Mars is focused on providing a fusion of smart security systems, Building automation and IT services altogether to achieve an unique solution which will be the best for today's scenario. 

All of our products come with one year onsite guarantee where all the systems provided will be supported and fixed in case of faults and misbehaviour right at the installed location which provides our customers to be relaxed in case of any breakdown.

All our services have an SLA of 24 hours. 

​​Cost Efficient Solutions

Mars provides you cost efficient solutions with open source solutions in which our team is excelled and is scalable upto any extend to provide a tailored solution for the customers. As the open source solutions costs you only the installation charges, It will be an affordable, Stable and reliable solution for customers of all the grid.

​​​​Customer Service values

Mars believes in customer service relationship and after sales service values and is keen to maintain a long lasting rust and relationship with our customers.

​​One year onsite guarantee

One year onsite guarantee for the services and products post installation. Mars provides hassle free support for a year which can be extended for an affordable cost being agreed according to the terms and conditions


​​Conditions to be maintained

The following are the conditions to be maintained for long lasting of the devices and projects

  • Stable power is a must to prevent any crash for the systems installed.
  • Separate switch room or a case to be dedicated for the devices to prevent any physical damage.
  • Wire connections to the controllers or the camera should not be disturbed.

About Us

  • Mars was started in the year 1999 by a group of IT professionals with Head Quarters in Bangalore. Mars has the necessary infrastructure and know-how to provide the best technical Solution, implementation and high level competence for post installation support.

Contact us

    # 2949E, East of Chord Road, Service Road,Opp.
    Maruthi Mandir, Vijayanagar,
    Bangalore – 560040. Karnataka, India
    Phone : 080 - 40997949
    Email : sales@marsinfosystems.com